BASS Chatel

BASS Chatel - choose the best
  • Communication -  We have chosen to teach people in our native english language to  native english speakers because that is what we do best. For the same reason we do not teach non native speaking clients nor do we choose to teach in other languages.
  • Team learning - We choose to limit the size of our group lessons to ensure everybody in the group lesson receives the attention they need. Learning in a group lesson provides a relaxed environment where all the learners make similar mistakes and can celebrate their breakthroughs together.
  • Tailoring  - Our  lessons do not follow a template as our Instructors have the experience and  training to allow them to tailor the lessons to each individual persons needs even in group lessons
  • Education and Training - We choose to only use Instructors who are very experienced and fully qualified and they are legally recognised to work in France. Most ski schools in France will have 70% of their Instructors who are Trainees and have less that 3 years of experience.
  • Versatility - Our Instructors enjoy the challenges of teaching every level of skier from beginner to Aspirant Instructors and all ages form 3 years old to 80 years old.
  • Consideration - Our lessons run on consecutive days allowing learners to build on what they have learned from the day before and provide more consistent support. For our advanced learners we can offer shorter courses to allow more time for adventure.
  • Enjoyment - our lessons are 2 hours long which allows people to spend time with their friends and family, practice in their own time, go on adventures and enjoy the whole mountain experience.