Performance Breakthrough — more power, less effort!

Training for advanced and expert skiers.

Ski with more power, for less effort!


It's difficult for advanced and expert skiers to find the training that opens up new possibilities. Here it is.

BASS Performance Breakthrough clinics are special courses designed for experienced skiers, run by the Director and Founder of the BASS Network, Hugh Monney.

You must be able to ski safely on Black runs to join these clinics.
You are very likely to make more progress on this course than you have in the past several winters. 

Hugh has trained hundreds of instructors and thousands of skiers.

There are only six places on each clinic and just 2 clinics each winter, so they fill very quickly. Please book early, to avoid disappointment.

There are different types of clinic, each with a different focus.

Performance Breakthrough Level 1 

is the clinic for advanced skiers who are joining the SPB programme for the first time, or returning to develop further. This provides the thorough, deep and broad development process that so many have enjoyed. Many skiers take this clinic several times, to allow themselves to restructure their performances. Learn how to influence your performance with subtle, accurate inputs and learn how to elevate your performance from the mechanical to the intuitive. Ski with more power, for less effortSkiers must be able to ski safely on Black runs to join this clinic.

Performance Breakthrough Level 2 

is for returning SPB clients who are ready to target more challenging environments. This course builds on the skills learned on the level 1 course, allowing us to develop specific solutions for tricky situations. Develop sophisticated techiques and tactics for complex environments and make more progress towards performance Freedom. Skiers must have completed at least one level 1 course, to join this clinic. 

Performance Breakthrough Heliski Adventures 

allow us to take all that great, effective, disciplined, liberated skiing performance to truly astounding environments. This experience is simply extraordinary and words fail to capture the significance. So here's a link to some images that communicate more effectively. 

Private Engagements 

including Alpine based courses and Heliski Adventures allow me to fine tune trips to the requirements of your private party.

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The training methods used

You can find out more about the techniques, tactics and methods used these courses in the Ski Performance Breakthrough ebook series

The processes used in Ski Performance Breakthrough Clinics have been used to train many thousands of skiers and many hundreds of ski teachers. Here are the guiding principles.


Skiing is fun. We do a lot of it on these courses and we have a lot of fun at the same time!


The principles of physical science underpin all of the activities and processes. There is clarity and accuracy in the application of the physics of Isaac Newton to the physical processes of skiing. We do the things that really work.  Learn how to influence your performance with subtle, accurate inputs.


The utmost respect is given to the processes by which people learn, so you will not be asked to understand the science, you will simply improve. The science is hidden deep inside the processes and so it will work for you in a way that will go unnoticed, other than by the quality of the results you achieve. You will feel your performance change.


The art of performance is at the heart of of these clinics. Learn how to elevate your performance from the mechanical to the intuitive. Your performance will become effortless and effective. 

We will be in the right place at the right time, performing with the best methods, in the best manner and with the optimum mindset.

Evidence Based

Every process used in Ski Performance Breakthrough clinics has earned it’s place through consistent success in the real world. Over time, these processes have evolved to become even more effective


The processes are personalised for each skier in the group. Your needs are identified, respected and addressed, to ensure that you make the progress you deserve.

These processes will work very effectively for you, they have already worked for thousands of others.

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