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When mountains and people come together in just the right way, something special happens!

A la Carte private lesson menu card
This coming season we have a fantastic new product available for BASS Chamonix customers: the à la... read more
BASS Chamonix : 17/08/2017
How do I know what level I am?  This a question we get asked by many clients wishing to book ski... read more
BASS Chamonix : 11/08/2017
Lesson 2 in the series of 6. This one is on Purposeful Practice.

Statements such as ‘correct... read more
BASS Chamonix : 28/07/2017
Learning to focus your attention in sport is a key skill that not only helps you to perform at your... read more
BASS Chamonix : 12/06/2017
BASS Chamonix "Summer is Here"
BASS Chamonix Season 13 finishes with a BANG but next season is not far away from our thoughts.   ... read more
BASS Chamonix : 08/05/2017

From Le Tour to Brevent to Les Houches to St Gervais - Our Clients have done it all this month... read more
BASS Chamonix : 20/04/2017
British Alpine Ski School, Chamonix
Winter conditions have hit the Alps again this week and in the Chamonix Valley we are enjoying the... read more
BASS Chamonix : 05/03/2017
BASS Kids Rock off Piste in Chamonix
February was an awesome month and we are celebraring our first #basskidsrock Off... read more
BASS Chamonix : 04/03/2017
British Alpine Ski School, Chamonix
POW Alert!
Chamonix area has experienced a hugh snow fall over the past few... read more
BASS Chamonix : 07/02/2017

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