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Intermediate courses are for children who have skied for at least one week and normally 2 - 4 weeks. They usually take place on blue and green runs. The children are encouraged to learn through games and having fun, with a focus on building confidnce to ski with some more speed and deal with more terrain. Some basic freestyle will be included in these courses such as skiing backwards doing spins and small jumps.

During school holiday periods we always run our group lessons at the same time as other group lessons which facilitates the opportunity to move children into more appropriate groups if there level doesn't match the group they are in. 

Our group lessons are high quality small groups, for most learners a small group lesson is the ideal learning environment, many learning processes are more effective in samll teams rather than one to one. It also creates more opportunity to be interactive make new friends and have a lot more fun. Whilst a private lesson (one to one) can be more effective in some situations, it is more often, not the best learning environment. In our children's group lessons we have a maximum of 8 per group as children learn in a more interactive way and in a less cognitive way.

Junior Blue 1

A course for children who have skied before and are starting to ski blue runs they can make turns confidently in a snow pough and are starting to match their skis into parallel between turns

Junior Blue 2

A course for children who are confident on blue runs and are making parallel turns on easier terrain.


Format : 5 days
x 2 hours
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