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The Mindful Skiing – Mindful Learning coaching sessions enhance self-awareness and develops skiing through carefully designed activity which is fun and engaging.  All skiers will benefit from increasing self-awareness and being guided in ways to develop a more self-coached approach to one’s own skiing. 

For some, the approach to understanding oneself, body, mind and emotions when developing their skiing, will be just the methods required to unlock any ‘stuckness’ felt in skiing and improvement. An approach which is less judgmental and teaches you to utilise your body and awareness much more is the way ahead for many.

We cut through all the skiing jargon, the labels and myths to reveal what truly influences control of speed and direction, and in these sessions, we learn how the body moves dynamically and freely.

The technical elements of the session are consistent with the technical models which BASS applies to all its coaching sessions. How the Mindful Skiing – Mindful Learning sessions differ is how the technical elements are framed and the strong emphasis on the skier’s mind set, attitude and emotions.

We invite you to join us in these revealing and unique approaches to enjoying the mountain and improving your skiing.

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Format : 3 days
x 3 hours
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