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We have a range of off piste performance courses for all levels from introduction to advanced.  Experience the backcountry and learn skiing and safe travel/avalanche awareness form our experts.

Chamonix Off Piste

Course length: 1 Day & 3 Day options 

Number of clients:  Maximum 6 clients in a group

Off Piste Performance Courses are based on developing your ability to ski off piste conditions by looking at the performanse threads of technical, tactical, pshycological, equipment and environment.  During the course you will also receive education regarding safe travel and mountain awareness skills. The course will run over a long weekend or 3 days mid week which is ideal for those who can escape to the mountains for a short duration holiday.

We are also running for the first time this year 1 day Off Piste skills days.

1 Day Off Piste Introduction Skills Days

This is our NEW product for season 2016/17

Cost:  £115 per head per day

This course is designed for all levels of advanced piste and off piste skiers who would like to find the key to improving their skills for:

Variable terrain / Steeper slopes / Narrow terrain / Gullies / Using terrain to maintain control /

Bumps / Deep snow / Icy slopes

The content of each day may vary depending on the snow & weather conditions but we will use the terrain that is most suitable to the group and conditions. 

The content of each day may vary depending on the snow & weather conditions but we will use the terrain that is most suitable to the group and conditions.

Kit Required:

All clients should carry off piste safety kit (transceiver/shovel/prove).  Part of each day will be ensuring each client understands and can use the kit efficiently.  It is important that all members of a group have regular training to ensure their skills stay up to date and fresh.  This equipment can be hired from our colleagues at GM Sports.

All mountain skis are advisable but we do not recommend wide skis.  The width under the foot should be no more than 95mm.  A ski wider than this is for deep snow only and is not suitable for all off piste terrain as it causes imbalance and unnecessary stress on the joints increasing the risk of injury.

Our instructors wear helmets and we would recommend that our clients consider the use of helmets when skiing all terrain.

Lift Pass:

We would recommend the Mont Blanc Unlimited ski pass but depending on weather this may not be necessary.  If you wish to confirm which pass is required for the day please contact the allocated instructor beforehand.


All clients are responsible for having full Winter Ski Insurance which covers skiing off piste terrain and piste rescue.


Level 1 days - 15th March & 28th March 2017

Level 2 days - 15th March & 28th March 2017


 Level 1 - 3 day Off Piste Course

 Cost: 3 day course - £335 per person (prices are for course fee only) 

 - This is suitable for any Adult/Teenage skiers who are confident skiing parallel on all slopes and wish to develop their    skills further for more advanced and challenging terrain. For example steeper terrain, fresh & deep snow, bumps, slush,  icy conditions. Balance is a key element that skiers need to improve to be able to ski varied terrain successfully. We will  look at your equipment set up and asses how you are standing over your skis. We will use lots of skills and drills to help  make you aware of your position and then help you to develop a good strong posture appropriate to you and the terrain  you wish to ski on. This is an ideal course to develop your Advanced and Off Piste skiing.  (We recommend that if you f  feel your performance may be below the level required for this course that you attend one of our Piste Performance  Course or private lessons before booking this course). 

Level 2 - 3 day Off Piste Course

Cost: 3 day course - £335 per person (prices are for course fee only) 

 - This course is for many of our clients who have already attended our OP course in the past and have been  recommended to move up a level to our Level 2 Course.  This 3 Day course will be spending 75% of the time in the Off  Piste terrain and will be more challenging than the Level 1 course.  Whether you are a mountaineer or a downhill skier  this course will challenge your technical and tactical skills.  A resonable fitness level is recommended for this course,  off piste skiing can be physically demanding especially when you are working on changing technique to produce more  efficient skiing.

Course content:

The normal format for this course is 2 days with one of our elite Instructor team working on ski technique and mountain skills and the 3rd day with one of our inspirational UIAGM Mountain Guides skiing an Off Piste route in the Valley.  This may vary depending on conditions.

The day with the Mountain Guide where possible will be a day doing the Valley Blanche.  This may be effected by time of the season or weather conditions.  Our guides have always provided an excellent day for our clients.  Check out our video from one of our courses.


Off Piste safety equipment is required for all clients for this course.  This equipment is Transeiver/Shovel/Probe in a sturdy backpack with chest & waist straps an

d straps for supporting skis for carrying, this equipment is required for all 3 days of the course.  Additional equipment such as harness and boot crampons may also be need for the day with the Guide (you will be advised regarding this the day before).  All this can be hired from our colleagues at Grands Montets Sports which is where we usually meet on day one.  If you wish us to pre book this equipment from the shop on your behalf please email us your requirments.

Skis suitable for the Level 1 course would be All Terrain skis with no more that 90mm under the foot (unless we have knee deep powder then you can have up to 100!).  For the Level 2 Course best to check with us regarding snow conditions.  We recommend that helmets are worn by clients but this is your personal decision.


All Clients are responsible for ensuring they are fully covered with Winter Ski Insurance which includes Off Piste skiing on glaciated terrain being guided by fully qualified persons for that terrain.

Lift Pass:

All Clients should purchase the Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass for the duration of the course.

3 Day Courses:

2016/17 Course dates:  

11/12/13th March 2017 - Level 1 OP 

19/20/21st March 2017 - Level 1 OP

Bespoke Private Lessons are also available in 2 hour, 3 hour and whole day formats.  UIAGM Guides can also be booked for full days booked 

Format : 1 days
x 6 hours
Course Type: 
BASS Chamonix

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