Mountains and People – something special happens!

What ski level am I?
How do I know what level I am?  This a question we get asked by many clients wishing to book ski... read more
Lesson 2 - Purposeful Practice
Lesson 2 in the series of 6. This one is on Purposeful Practice.

Statements such as ‘correct... read more
Why do we love skiing? Part 2
The previous article on this subject discussed the mountain environment and the effect it has on... read more
Physical conditioning for skiers
One of the most effective ways to improve your performance and to prevent injury is to prepare... read more
Three great ways to avoid injury
Professional athletes take steps to avoid illness and injury. Injury can be particularly... read more
Returning from Injury - part 1
Sometimes, we pick up an injury, despite our best intentions.
Returning from injury is a process... read more
Returning from Injury - part 2: Retraining your leg...
Skiers often pick up a knee injury at some stage.
After treatment, healing and rehabilitation,... read more
Focus your Attention
Learning to focus your attention in sport is a key skill that not only helps you to perform at your... read more
Why do we love skiing?

Experienced skiers love to ski.
More, experienced skiers have a real passion for the sport and its... read more
Articles for experienced skiers
Through summer 2017, I’ll create a series of short articles of interest to keen skiers.
I'll... read more
BASS Chamonix Season finishes but next Season is Just...
BASS Chamonix Season 13 finishes with a BANG but next season is not far away from our thoughts.   ... read more
The final clinic of the winter and plans for next...
Hi everybody, 
I hope you are all well.
Thanks to everyone for great skiing and great company... read more