Les Gets Ski Lift Development

Preparation for the new Ranfolly Lift

The Ranfolly chairlift is being upgraded which completes high-speed uplift on this whole side of the Les Gets area. As reported by lesgetsinfo.com, the new lift will be a 6 person detachable with moving carpet to ease loading. No more bashing the backs of your legs!

Originally installed in 1986, the current chairlift has a capacity to move 2,400 people per hour but the new lift will take 3,300.

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Taking a day off is part of the programme

Fitness training for advanced skiers – avoid over training

Advanced and expert skiers are enthusiasts. They tend to be self-motivated and have the ability to commit to an action plan over an extended period.


These abilities can produce fantastic results in all aspects of life.

Sometimes, though, these same abilities can lead to a tendency to overdo things.


This article discusses the importance of balance in our fitness programs so that we can avoid the problems caused by over training.


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Are you ready for à la carte private ski lessons?

A la Carte private lesson menu card

This coming season we have a fantastic new product available for BASS Chamonix customers: the à la carte private ski lesson. This unique 1:1 private lesson offers a new format as it is a 3 hour private lesson with an additional 15 mins either side for planning/goal setting and review/action planning.

The idea is that you the learner is actively involved in the design of your lesson increasing your understanding of how you learn, how to optimise your performance during the lesson and how to practice most effectively after the lesson. 

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NEW Chairlift for St. Gervais ski area

Construction of new Epaule Chairlift

Construction is well underway in Domain Saint Gervais for the new Epaule chairlift. The old two person chair that goes up to the shoulder of Mont Joly will be replaced with a 6 person high speed detachable chair. This will be a welcome upgrade especially as it is on the higher altitude part of the domain. The skiing from this point is excellent with good off piste options and access to Saint Nicolas De Veroce. 


Full details:

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What ski level am I?


How do I know what level I am?  This a question we get asked by many clients wishing to book ski lessons.


It is probably one of the most important questions to know the answer to as it helps you book into the correct Group Class or gives your Private Lesson instructor the knowledge to help plan and structure your lesson and choose the most suitable terrain for you so that you can achieve your goals safely and successfully.

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Why do we love skiing? Part 2


The previous article on this subject discussed the mountain environment and the effect it has on us as we ski through it. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why we love to ski.

One of the most important has to be a sense of freedom. Some of this comes from the environment, of course. Space, light, mountains and open views have an uplifting effect.

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Physical conditioning for skiers


One of the most effective ways to improve your performance and to prevent injury is to prepare your body for our great sport.

The link below allows you to download a PDF, which is a chapter on physical conditioning for skiers, from my book "Ski Performance Breakthrough." I converted five sections of the original book to the e-book series of the same name, but I didn't do that with the physical conditioning chapter. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

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Three great ways to avoid injury


Professional athletes take steps to avoid illness and injury. Injury can be particularly disruptive, especially if there's a long rehabilitation process followed by physical training before you can return to your sport.

So, it's worthwhile taking some sensible precautions to minimise your risk and maximise your enjoyment of our great sport.

The most obvious point is also the most inconvenient: skiing well and skiing safely require reasonable physical conditioning. 

Simply put, if we don't train we'll break.


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Returning from Injury - part 1


Sometimes, we pick up an injury, despite our best intentions.

Returning from injury is a process that involves several stages. Some skiers have asked me to post some information on the subject. The result is a series of four articles.

While the other articles in this series contain more specific, detailed information, this article shows an overview of the stages involved in returning to skiing after injury. You'll make the best progress possible if you work with professionals through each of these stages.

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