10% discount for BASS Clients - LENZ products

Lenz have been creating a wide range of products since 1987 and have a whole range of products for designed, not only around snow sports, but the outdoors in general.

Their ‘base-layer’ range features the SEP system, which helps to stabilise joints and reduce fatigue.  The 5.0 Merino range is perfect for snowsports and they’ve even thought of a ¾ length pant so you don’t have to pull lower part up out of your boots!

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Equipment - carefully selected, expertly fitted


Previous articles touched on the reasons we love this great sport and on aspects of physical preparation.

But what about your equipment?

If you want to make the most of your current abilities and open the door to continuing development, you will need to

use well-tuned, well-fitted equipment that leaves you free and agile. 

This is a critical factor. Most skiers would make progress by attending to the issues below.

BASS Performance Breakthrough Clinics

Telegraph World Snow Awards

We were delighted to find out that we have got through the first round of the Telegraph World Snow Awards 2017.

Entrants are judged on their activity over the last 12 months relating to developing and improving the ski school experience and a small group are nominated to a shortlist for the finals.

If you like what we do, you could really help us out by voting for BASS. It only takes a few minutes and we’d really appreciate your support.

BASS Morzine

 Even Ferraris need an MOT so tune in for a tune-up?

Personal Development Camp Morzine & Les Gets


Jan said it best when she told us: ‘The clue to the course was in the title – Personal Development. You listened to us and tailored the content to our individual needs.’


Even Ferraris need an MOT so why not tune in for a tune up this winter?


The PDC is exactly that, with no predetermined fixed script, our coaches listen to you and use their experience and expertise to bring out the best in your skiing.


What is it?

BASS Morzine

UK Snowlife Junior Awards - what do they mean?

​Do you know some young skiers who have taken, or are about to take the UK Snowlife ski award tests?

  • What do the different award levels mean?
  • How do they chart the progress of young skiers?

You can download the UK Snowlife award brochure, from the link below, to find out everything about the award system.

It's fantastic to see young skiers making progress!

BASS Performance Breakthrough Clinics

Les Gets Ski Lift Development

Preparation for the new Ranfolly Lift

The Ranfolly chairlift is being upgraded which completes high-speed uplift on this whole side of the Les Gets area. As reported by lesgetsinfo.com, the new lift will be a 6 person detachable with moving carpet to ease loading. No more bashing the backs of your legs!

Originally installed in 1986, the current chairlift has a capacity to move 2,400 people per hour but the new lift will take 3,300.

BASS Les Gets