Physical conditioning for skiers


One of the most effective ways to improve your performance and to prevent injury is to prepare your body for our great sport.

The link below allows you to download a PDF, which is a chapter on physical conditioning for skiers, from my book "Ski Performance Breakthrough." I converted five sections of the original book to the e-book series of the same name, but I didn't do that with the physical conditioning chapter. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

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Three great ways to avoid injury


Professional athletes take steps to avoid illness and injury. Injury can be particularly disruptive, especially if there's a long rehabilitation process followed by physical training before you can return to your sport.

So, it's worthwhile taking some sensible precautions to minimise your risk and maximise your enjoyment of our great sport.

The most obvious point is also the most inconvenient: skiing well and skiing safely require reasonable physical conditioning. 

Simply put, if we don't train we'll break.


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Returning from Injury - part 1


Sometimes, we pick up an injury, despite our best intentions.

Returning from injury is a process that involves several stages. Some skiers have asked me to post some information on the subject. The result is a series of four articles.

While the other articles in this series contain more specific, detailed information, this article shows an overview of the stages involved in returning to skiing after injury. You'll make the best progress possible if you work with professionals through each of these stages.

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Focus your Attention

Learning to focus your attention in sport is a key skill that not only helps you to perform at your best, but also helps you to focus on the task in hand, so that you can acquire new skills and practice those skills so that they become learned. In this lesson I will look at some strategies to help you remain ‘present’ and focused while also looking at ‘mind wandering’ and how and why to avoid it. 

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Why do we love skiing?

Experienced skiers love to ski.

More, experienced skiers have a real passion for the sport and its environment.

So what is it that draws us in so deeply? What keeps us engaged winter after winter, run after run and curve after curve?


Each of us will have different reasons, which is the first clue. 

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Articles for experienced skiers


Through summer 2017, I’ll create a series of short articles of interest to keen skiers.

I'll touch on a range of subjects, including why we love skiing, what motivates us, and the remarkable mountain environment.


We will look at important questions such as how we can continue to improve after years of experience. How can we leverage those years of experience to produce extraordinary results?

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BASS Chamonix Season finishes but next Season is Just around the corner!

BASS Chamonix "Summer is Here"

BASS Chamonix Season 13 finishes with a BANG but next season is not far away from our thoughts.   

We had all seasons of weather in one ski season this year which kept us on our toes but we produced the best lessons this year for our clients across the Chamonix Valley.  Our team of staff - Derek, Dee, Fred & Shona looked after everyone very well and found the best snow and terrain most suitable for each and every client.

We have enjoyed our 13th year with you and are looking forwards to next season and advancing our clients in their skiing performances.

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The final clinic of the winter and plans for next season

Hi everybody, 


I hope you are all well.

Thanks to everyone for great skiing and great company this season.


We had a great time in Argentiere, for the last week of the season; winter weather and challenging skiing, just what Level 3 is all about.

It was great to see that performances, in that challenging environment, had really moved forward, even compared to last years’  high standards.


Ironically, there was clear blue sky and pure white snow on the high mountains as I drove to the airport on Saturday!


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Skiing with the LinkAble Charity in Avoriaz.

BASS Instructor Becs skiing with Katrina

What a wonderful way to finish the season for BASS Morzine & Les Gets in the Portes du Soleil! 

LinkAble is a Woking based charity whose aim is to enable those with learning disabilities to develop their potential and enjoy socially inclusive fulfilled lives. The annual ski trip is part of their program and we are honoured to be part of the team who make this such a rich experience for the group. This year's group was made up of wide range of abilities and it was lovely to see returning faces back for the second and third year in a row.

BASS Morzine