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The Teen Freeride courses create a different learning environment for older children and teenagers, with 6 skiers maximum per group.

Older children, who are confident skiers, really benefit from practise time between sessions and the longer lesson duration allows them to go on adventures, explore and have fun, while learning lots!

The Teen Freeride program runs on alternate days. Oh, and we understand that not all teenagers are 'morning people' so these sessions are in the afternoons!

Available during UK school holidays. Early season courses are available as 2.5 hr sessions, 7.5 hr total duration costing £175.






For children who can confidently ski blue and easy red runs. They easily move their skis from snowplough to parallel while turning and can side-slip with confidence. Expect to ski on blue and red runs during the week.

This course will develop parallel skiing skills and safe decision-making to ski safely in more challenging environments.


Skiers holding the level 4 Snowlife award may join the Freeride Blue level.



For youngsters who have skied five weeks or more on average, are confident on all types of red run and may ski black runs cautiously. They can make parallel short turns and are learning to co-ordinate the pole-plant.

This course will develop skill on all terrain, exploring tactics for different conditions. Developing short turns and carving as well as introduction to bumps and off piste depending on local conditions.


Skiers holding the level 5 & 6 Snowlife awards may join the Freeride Red level.



For youngsters who have skied for 8 weeks or more on average, and are confident on all slopes as well as easy off piste and bumps. They can make short turns with co-ordinated pole-plant and have precise edge control in carve turns.

This course will explore everything the mountain has to offer. Expect to spend time on piste as well as off piste depending on local conditions.


Skiers holding the level 7, 8 & 9 Snowlife awards may join the All Mountain level.


Format: 3 days x 3 hours

Price: €246

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