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Our Mini groups are specially designed to care for children from 4-7 yrs old. They run with a maximum of four children to create the safest possible learning environment for our youngest skiers. 

Children of all levels learn well with constant encouragement and reassurance so our Mini courses run for 5 consecutive days. Sessions are 2 hrs long, as the optimum learning duration for youngsters, leaving plenty of time to ski as a family during the day.

Age is important to our younger skiers so we make sure that there will usually be a maximum age range of 3 yrs in any Mini group. In some instances, Mini courses may also be available for older age groups.

The Mini program is available during UK school holidays.





Mini Beginner

For children who are new to skiing or have limited skiing experience. They cannot yet hold a snowplough shape or stop without help.

This course will help your child get to grips with their equipment and the mountain environment in a fun and supportive way.

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Mini Green

For children who can hold a snowplough shape, turn and stop on nursery or green slopes without help.  

This course will develop the ability to steer and control speed with confidence, ready to use ski lifts safely and explore green slopes during the week.

Skiers holding the Penguin or level 2 snowlife may join the Mini Green level.


Mini Blue

For children who can manage blue slopes confidently using snowplough turns. They may have started to change the skis to parallel during or between turns.

This course will help you build confidence on blue runs and start to introduce parallel skiing skills including side-slipping. Expect to ski on green and blue runs during the week.

Skiers holding the Polar Bear or level 3 Snowlife award may join the mini blue level. 



Format: 5 days x 2 hours

Price: €410

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