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These courses are designed to develop your ability and confidence to tackle the whole mountain with fluidity and ease.

A maximum of four skiers in each group, carefully chosen so you can learn and improve together.  These courses will cater to your individual development needs with an Instructor who has unequalled insight, understanding and patience.  Plus the ability to make it real for you, in your own language and humour!

Developed around the principles of accelerated learning and recognised stages of skill acquisition, our premium courses will give you a unique learning experience.  This gives you time to get more value from the sessions by practising more and it also gives you more freedom during your holiday to explore the full Portes du Soleil area.

Our weekday courses run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that you have time to find your ski legs before joining the first session.

Spend Wednesday consolidating and testing your new skills before your final session on Thursday that will set you up for skiing with friends and family towards the end of your holiday.





For people who have skied for one or two weeks on average and can comfortably manage blue slopes using snowplough turns. You may have started to bring the skis towards parallel at the very end of the turn.

This course will help you build confidence on blue runs and introduce parallel skiing skills. Expect to move onto easy red runs during the week.



For people who have skied two weeks or more on average and are confident on all blue runs and easy red runs. Nearly parallel but will use a bit of snowplough to start turns when the conditions get tricky. You can side-slip comfortably.

This course will help you build confidence on blue and red runs and develop parallel skiing skills. Expect to explore more red runs during the week.



For people who have skied five weeks or more, on average, are confident on all red runs and may have skied black runs cautiously. You can make parallel short turns with a co-ordinated pole-plant.

This course will develop skill on all terrain, introducing tactics for different conditions. Expect to explore short turns and carving with the possiblity of introducing bumps and off piste, depending on local conditions.


Format: 3 days x 3 hours

Price: €369

From December to mid-January, courses are available as 2.5 hr sessions, 7.5 hr total duration costing €309


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