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Why not try out our new "à la carte" lessons delivered by BASS School Directors Shona and Derek Tate.
1:1 bespoke Private Ski Lessons suitable for Intermediate or Advanced skiers who would like to play an important part in their lesson content, goal setting and achievement.  All lessons are 3 hours in duration with 15 mins additional either side for menu selection and action planning/goal achievement and review.


Meet with your instructor at least 15 mins before your lesson start time and, over coffee, discuss and choose your focuses and portions from our à la carte ski lesson menu cards.
Our menu cards include mains, dessert and toppings.


Start by choosing a main, e.g. creating angles, separation, balance, inside/outside ski, timing, grip etc. Then choose your dessert, e.g. line, controlling speed, corridors, varied terrain etc. And finally add a topping e.g. attention, challenge, flow, feedback etc.


Of course being an “à la carte” lesson you may decide you only want a main course. Or perhaps main + dessert or main with topping? Whatever the combination the choice is yours! 


By becoming actively involved in the design of your lessons you will increase your understanding of how to learn, your preferred learning styles and how to optimise not only your performance during the lesson but afterwards when you practice with purpose.


At the end of the on slope part of the lesson you will spend 15 mins with your instructor reviewing the session, analysing video and identifying the areas you do best so that you can maximise these strengths and continue to develop your performance. We will not ignore your weakness but, instead, use your strengths (the elements that are working well) to enhance your performance so that your weaknesses become irrelevant.


Our overriding goal for you is to help you build your passion for this great sport so that you experience healthy emotions like joy, exhilaration, contentment and excitement and learn to manage the challenging emotions of anxiety, fear and dread. 


Included in the lesson:-



Format : 1 days
x 3 hours
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BASS Megeve - St Gervais - Les Contamines


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