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We are running our most popular courses again this season.  These 3 day Off Piste Performance Courses are based on developing your technical ability to ski various off piste conditions safely and with confidence.  During the course you will received 2 days with one of our instructors and 1 day with our Mountain Guide.  The group will receive training with transceiver/shovel/probe, safe travel skills and knowledge to improve your mountain awareness. The courses are ideal for those who can escape to the mountains for a short duration holiday and want to maximise that time on the hill.


There can be many reasons why you struggle to ski off piste terrain as effectively as you possibly should and this can impact on your ability to learn and improve your performance. We will help you to develop your skiing by giving you the knowledge and then selecting the best drills and strategies to help you become more skilful. Whether you need to learn a new movement pattern (motor learning), block bad habits or make your performance stronger you will gain a greater understanding of how to train and become better. 



We offer 2 levels of this course so that we can match compatible skiers together and can create a suitable learning environment so everyone can get the most out or their week.



This is the course for Skiers who can already get down an off piste run but not gracefully.  You might find it a challenge and use all your strength, both mentally and physically to get down safely.  Ski Touring might be something that you want to develop onto, or you may already do this and want to improve your downhill journey.  A reasonable fitness level is recommended for this course, off piste skiing can be physically demanding especially when you are working on changing technique to produce more efficient skiing.

The normal format for the 3 day courses is 2 days with one of our elite Instructor team working on ski technique and mountain skills and the 3rd day with one of our inspirational UIAGM Mountain Guides skiing an Off Piste route in the Valley.  This may vary depending on conditions.

The day with the Mountain Guide where possible will be a day doing the top of Grands Montets, back of Le Tour or the Valley Blanche.  This may be effected by time of the season or weather conditions.  Our guides have always provided an excellent day for our clients.  Check out our video from one of our courses.



2019/20 :- 

Chamonix Valley - 25-27th January, 23/25/26th February, 14-16th March.

Evasion Valley (St Gervais/Les Contamines) - N/A


€480 per person (course fee only)



This is for those who already have a comfortable skill level and knowledge in the off piste skiing environment.  There are however still some areas of technique that challenge you and a further few days of technical input are required to develop you further so that you can enjoy the experience more and feel safer and more competent when with others.  This course provides individual focus time and the opportunity to ask questions from the professionals, direct the content of the 3 days and share experiences.  A reasonable fitness level is recommended for this course, off piste skiing can be physically demanding especially when you are working on changing technique to produce more efficient skiing.

This course can vary from 2 days with one of our instructors and 1 day with a guide or the other way round.  The instruction day/s are always at the start of the course.  The Guide days will vary in location and depending on the transport available between the group members may include Les Contamines, St Nicholas, Courmayer or other local areas.



2019/20 :- 

Chamonix Valley - 1-3rd April



€526 per person (course fee only)



3 Days (9-4pm)



Group maximum of 6 people




Specific Equipment - Off Piste/All Terrain skis (If the snow is soft and fresh - 88-100 underfoot / if snow is firm and compacted or variable  84-95 underfoot), can be normal or touring kit.  Transceiver/Shovel/Probe in a suitable backpack (around 30L) with waist and chest straps.  We recommend Helmets are worn by all clients.


Additional equipment such as harness and boot crampons may also be need for the day with the Guide (you will be advised regarding this the day before).  For the Chamonix based courses all this can be hired from our colleagues at Grands Montets Sports which is where we usually meet on day one.  If you wish us to pre book this equipment from the shop on your behalf please email us your requirements.  For Evasion courses please countact us for rental outlets.


Insurance - Winter Sports travel/piste with off piste rescue insurance for being guided/instructed by an appropriately qualified instructor/guide on all terrain including glaciers (additional insurance can be purchased with your lift pass on purchase at ticket office).


Lift Pass - Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass or the Rapid Card (Chamonix pay as you go and you get the best rate available for what you use!).  We may use a range of areas in the Chamonix Valley and options for Les Contamines and St Gervais also available.  All areas are covered on the Mont Blanc Unlimited tickets.  If you are unsure please check with our office regarding which lift pass to purchase for your chosen course.


The courses can be done stand alone or integrated into a seasonal programme for you.  


If our programme does not suit your dates please let us know and/or consider private lessons


These days are run in conjunction with our partners at Parallel Dreams




Format : 3 days
x 6 hours
Course Type: 
BASS Megeve - St Gervais - Les Contamines


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