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All of our adult courses are designed to be fun and effective. Small groups of 4 people ensure lots of individual attention. The courses are delivered by motivated and enthusiastic, English speaking instructors. Confidence building and developing new skill are an integral part of all our courses. We at BASS pride ourselves in making a difference to the learner and enhancing your holiday experience.


It is very important to to get the right start when learning to ski. It will make all the difference to how fare you progress and how confident you feel. Our beginner classes teach you the basics in a way that will preppier you for future learning. As you progress, you will add new skills one at a time to what you can already do. We will advance you up the mountain, but only when you are fully ready to take on each new challenge.

3 x 2 hrs £225. 4 x 2 hrs £295. 5 x 2 hrs £350. Find your level.


Level 2, NEXT STEP: Confidence course

This corse is a great confidence boost for those who are not yet ready to tackle the mountain on their own. We will improve your skiing by strengthening the skills you already have and then adding new ones to make things easier. Our lessons are run on slopes you find easy to keep confidence levels high and our instructors will help you through every step and hurdle.

3 x 2 hrs £225. 4 x 2 hrs £295. 5 x 2 hrs £350. Find your level.



Otherwise known as perfecting parallels, this course shapes you into the skier you want to be. Improving your technique with interesting and effective teaching, you will gain the skills needed to explore more of the mountain. Plenty of encouraging feedback from your instructor will have you looking good, feeling more confident and enjoying the slopes you thought beyond you before.

3 x 2 hrs £225. 4 x 2 hrs £295. 5 x 2 hrs £350. Find your level.


Level 4, TECHNIQUE & TACTICS: More skills course

This course is designed to give you the necessary tools to succeed on different terrain. Adapting your short and long turns to make them more effective on your selected slopes.  The sessions are 3 hours long to facilitate reaching and working in the best areas. Your trainer will use video feedback to help you improve your performance.

3 x 2 hrs £225. 4 x 2 hrs £295. 5 x 2 hrs £350. 2 x 3 hrs £225. 3x 3hrs £325. Find your level.



The cutting edge in ski teaching. You will be trained in the most modern and effective techniques and given an understanding of the tactical decisions that make the performance of the professionals consistent. Steeps, bumps, carving, off piste and performing on the piste make up the content of this course. We train the instructors and this is how we train them. Lots of personal and video feedback from your trainer.

3 x 2 hrs £225. 4 x 2 hrs £295. 5 x 2 hrs £350. 2 x 3 hrs £225. 3x 3hrs £325 Find your level.

Format : 3 days
x 2 hours
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