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A la Carte private lesson menu card

This coming season we have a fantastic new product available for BASS Chamonix customers: the à la carte private ski lesson. This unique 1:1 private lesson offers a new format as it is a 3 hour private lesson with an additional 15 mins either side for planning/goal setting and review/action planning.

The idea is that you the learner is actively involved in the design of your lesson increasing your understanding of how you learn, how to optimise your performance during the lesson and how to practice most effectively after the lesson. 

Full details are available by clicking here but to give you a little more idea of how it works read on..

Learners choose from menu cards covering a range of topics/skills under the headings of Mains, Desserts and Toppings. You can choose one from each category to help structure your lesson for that day. Each card has a photograph and title on the front side with more information on the reverse including questions, description and links. The links help guide you where to find additional information on each skill.

Here are some examples of the cards:


The diamond in the lower left corner of each card signifies whether it is a main (brown), dessert (purple) or topping (blue). Here are a few more examples:



So remember all the details are available by visiting www.basschamonix.com/alacartesklessons

This is sure to be a very popular product so don't delay. Get in touch with us and secure your slot(s) for the coming winter. We are excited about skiing with you and delivering this new product. 

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