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Through summer 2017, I’ll create a series of short articles of interest to keen skiers.

I'll touch on a range of subjects, including why we love skiing, what motivates us, and the remarkable mountain environment.


We will look at important questions such as how we can continue to improve after years of experience. How can we leverage those years of experience to produce extraordinary results?

The influences of equipment and both physical and mental preparation will feature. We will discuss the nature of performance itself, how we can prepare for it, create it, nurture it and develop it. How can we reinforce, challenge, stretch and change it?


If you have skied for many years and have a real passion for the sport and its environment, then these articles are for you. 

If you appreciate the rhythm of a great descent on a cold, clear day, you'll find these pieces useful.


If they give you the opportunity to reflect on how you approach your skiing performance, then they will have served a purpose.

I hope you'll find them interesting. 


The first will appear in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime here are a few images that say more than words can capture...


Best regards, 


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