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We asked a few of you, what were the top three things that make the best skiing holiday? Here’s the verdict:

  • Your Availability – Of course we're going to put that first ;)
  1. More Confidence in my skiing
  2. Good Choice of Skiing for everyone / Keeping everyone happy.
  3. Snow Conditions

Ok so we really can help with every single one of those things – I know you’re probably thinking how are we going to help ‘snow conditions’, well I'll get to that.

  1. Confidence – If you understand what, why, and how to perform specific actions of your skis,  you are more likely to trust your own judgements, and actions. Guess what, if you trust your own judgments and actions, your confidence will grow too. So what is at the root of this; understanding what, why, and how to perform specific actions of your skis. Get those lessons booked in and we’ll help you achieve all of those goals. 
  2. Good Choice of skiing for everyone – Well yes, of course, keeping every level of ability happy is a challenge, but in our resorts (Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines). We have over 477Km of skiing with broad progressive choices of terrain to keep everyone happy. If you want to find it all, we know every nook and cranny.
  3. Snow Conditions – We cant change what mother natures delivers, but we can take you straight to the best of it. Sun, wind, temperature, humidity, slope aspect, and time of day, all affect the quality of snow differently. We pride our selves in being expertly aware on a day to day basis of how these variables affect technique, enjoyment, and safety. We can ensure that you ski the very best of it.

Read more about us, and our ski lessons in our blog and website. 

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