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E-books: Freedom, Master your Speed and Line, Steering your skis 1 & 2, Centred Balance

Ski Performance Breakthrough ebooks


The science of skiing and the art of performance


"...beautifully simple, effective and motivating." 
Sean Langmuir, Olympian, formerly Coach for the British and Canadian ski teams, former Training Manager, British Association of Snowsports Instructors

"... filled with very direct, specific and well organised content. It has a clarity and value that is second to none."
James Lamb, Director, BASS Morzine; Trainer, British Association of Snowsports Instructors

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  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers, experts and racers.
  • These highly illustrated ebooks show you how to finesse your performance with more skill and less effort.
  • Excellent performance is a blend of high quality content with the human qualities of belief and freedom, creativity and joy, focus and determination.
  • These books use a blend of rigorous science, extensive practical experience and an appreciation of the inspired, elusive qualities of human performance.
  • They present the greatest secrets of ski performance in clear, simple language.