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Hi everybody, 


I hope you are all well.

Thanks to everyone for great skiing and great company this season.


We had a great time in Argentiere, for the last week of the season; winter weather and challenging skiing, just what Level 3 is all about.

It was great to see that performances, in that challenging environment, had really moved forward, even compared to last years’  high standards.


Ironically, there was clear blue sky and pure white snow on the high mountains as I drove to the airport on Saturday!


New developments

We had interesting and wide-ranging discussions, as ever.

Coming from those discussions, and from suggestions on previous clinics, were two key ideas:


    1. Let’s extend the programme to include a trip to Japan next season:

        including engaging a top local instructor, to help integrate us and maximise the cultural, social and skiing opportunities.


    2. Let’s get into ski touring:

        I’ll run a couple of introductory days in the Morzine area, in January and March, in preparation for

        a week of Touring in Italy's Gran Paradiso National park, with Pete Mason, the great Mountain Guide who skis with us in Argentiere.


        Pete suggests basing ourselves at one or two particularly comfortable mountain huts and doing different day tours from those bases.

        Showers and good food at the end of the day!

        That's my kind of ski touring!


So, here are the dates for next season’s clinics.


As promised, you have these dates ahead of the general release, so that you can reserve your places - just send me an email, please -

Please remember that Level 1 clinics will still work for you if the dates suit you better.

  • SPB level 1 clinic, MORZINE: Mon 15 - Fri 19 January 2018
  • Ski Touring introductory day, MORZINE: Sat 20 January 2018 (You can hire equipment locally)
  • SPB level 2 clinic, FLAINE: Mon 22 - Fri 28 Jan 2018
  • SPB clinic, JAPAN, February 2018. Dates, flights and venues are being researched (thank you Keith A)
  • SPB level 1 clinic MORZINE: Mon 5 - Fri 9 March
  • Ski Touring day, MORZINE: Sat 10 March
  • SPB level 2 clinic MORZINE: Mon 12 - Fri 16 March
  • SPB level 3 clinic ARGENTIERE: last week of April, exact dates to be confirmed

And finally...

  • Ski Touring week, Gran Paradiso, Italy, Spring, dates to be confirmed, probably May

I’m really excited by this series of skiing clinics and adventures.

It’s time to get back into my cycling programme, to make sure that I’ll be in decent shape for them.


Many thanks.


Best regards, 


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