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Instructor: Fred Dibblee

A ski season in New Zealand was my launch pad into ski instruction.   16 Australians in a “Beginners Starter Pack” was a shock to the system but I instantly loved it.  12 years later, many resorts, many qualifications, many clients and I still look forward to the winter coming.

Skiing is such a thrill seeking sport I can’t help but smile when clients make those breakthrough moments.   Whether it’s holding their first snowplough or first time powder turns. You know what they’re thinking - “When can I book my next ski trip!”

When I am not teaching I still love being in the mountains.   Ski touring, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering- Mont Blanc area has it all and I love it! - Why didn’t I come here 12 years earlier!

I look forward to skiiing with you soon.




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