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The benefits of sport on mental health are now widely recongnised but skiing may not be the first activity that pops into your mind as an option.

Skiing isn’t without risk but this is where the BASS team is here to help. We understand that to achieve the feel-good factor from learning to ski, you need to feel safe, and our teachers pay attention to many factors that will give you the most positive experience.

Safe in your environment

Your BASS teacher will choose slopes where you feel confident to learn and try new things. It’s fun to be challenged by a new activity rather than a scary run.

Safe with your equipment 

We will explain all you need to know about your equipment with pointers about all sorts of things like, just how tight should you do your boots up.

Safe to try something new

Whether you are a seasoned skier or a novice, trying new things can be daunting. We’ll be right by your side, making sure that your personal challenges provide a sense of achievement, not a fear of failing, or even falling!

Safe together

We believe that effective coaching is a collaboration between learner and teacher that can only be achieved by creating a trusting relationship.

Safe on your own

Skiing involves many decisions so we work with you to understand not just how to turn but when, where and what to do when things get tricky. We will arm you with a bundle of strategies to help you trust your own decisions when skiing with friends or family.


There is strong evidence to prove that sport and physical activity has a positive affect on mental health and wellbeing. So clear is the message, in fact, doctors are encouraged to ‘prescribe’ physical activity for patients experiencing mental health issues.

As a society, we are becoming braver about talking about mental health. With the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK stating that mental health issues are the largest single source of disability in the UK at 23%, we believe that talking is a very good thing.

What’s in it for you?

Stress reduction, improved mood, a lift in self-esteem and a lowered risk of depression and anxiety are all listed as benefits of sporting activity. When you choose skiing as your game, you add the bonus of the stunning mountain environment, which is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. children reap the same benefits but also, youngsters who participate in sport are more likely to continue as adults.

Physical activity also reduces the risk of cognitive decline in adults with a 20-30% risk reduction in developing dementia.

References: Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK

Come and find out how skiing with BASS can help you feel on top of the world.

For more information email morzine@britishskischool.com or use our quick enquiry link.


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