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Robert Hunt has been skiing with BASS for many years, this winter we asked him to write a short story about his day with BASS. We'd love to share it with you.
I started skiing with BASS when I was nearly four years old. I’ve been skiing with BASS every year since.
Every morning I wake and I am very excited even though its early. I have a huge breakfast to set me up for a full day of skiing.  I meet my instructor at the top of Pleney and meet all the people in my group. There are normally six people in my group. Sometimes I feel shy but the instructors quickly make me relax.
We ski for about two hours non-stop by the younger children will have a break. During the lesson we learn how to do the skills / tricks for our next badge. I am working towards my level 9 badge and we ski mostly off-piste and black runs, which is amazing. My Mum and Dad are relieved that we are also learning about mountain safety! At the end of the lesson we meet our families and the instructors tell our parents what we’re good at and what we need to practice. After the lesson I like going to the Dark Dog snowpark in Nyon. It’s the best place to practice jumps and skills.
When I am older I’m going to do the instructor’s exams and hopefully work for BASS.
By Robert Hunt
Robert has now achieved his Level 9 badge. Welldone! 

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