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Flowing athletic performance 


By this stage, the techniques have been understood, shaped by external feedback, then by internal feedback, grooved sensitively with varied, high mileage training and have finally become automatic, yet shaped by a sensitive awareness of the quality of every curve. 

So the emphasis, now, is mainly on skilful application and adapting to the complex demands of the mountain. 

Golden opportunity 18:
Focus on skilful application. Fit into the situation. 

Some performers progress beyond this to creative, even playful performance, literally creating solutions as they ski along. 

Golden opportunity 19: Play with the terrain, be creative. 

Training for skiers in these phases focuses on challenging their tactical and problem solving skills and moving into more challenging environments. 

Often, even more attention to physical preparation is needed, to allow the performance to have full expression. 

Golden opportunity 20: Become even fitter, to get the most from your performance. 


This series of articles has presented 13 Golden opportunities for you and they all address the key issue of: 

Working with the learning process. 

When you become skilful with this, your learning really accelerates and your performance becomes open ended. 

When you adopt these processes, every curve you ski will develop your performance further.


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