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work on the new La Grave road

There's been a lot of dirt shifted in and around Les 2 Alpes this summer!
Firstly we are happy to announce the blue run back to resort will be complete for this winter season. This means for the first time in L2A's history you will be able to cruise a blue all the way from the top of the glacier at 3600m down to resort at 1650m.
The other big bit of work underway is the new road to La Grave. At the end of last winter the mountain started to slide above the road to LG causing the tunnel to collapse. After much head scratching by the enginners, it was decided to build a new temporary road on the other side of the lake, to gain vehicular access between the resorts. It is unclear at this time how the new road will be managed and who has access. We will keep you posted as the information becomes available, of course there is always the option of skiing over the glacier between the resorts, weather permitting...

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