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Wow, the time has flown!

  • 3 fantastic days skiing in Zao Onsen, meeting up again with our friends there at Zao Freiheit ski school. Happy birthday again, Echigo-san!
  • Then onward travel to Hokkaido, including a leg on the fantastic Hyabusa Shinkansen - what a train.
  • And then 6 days skiing in the area around Furano.
  • The 4 days skiing deep into off piste terrain with our friends at Hokkaido Powder Guides was outstanding!  It was great to ski with you again, Phil. Thanks for taking us to all those great lines!

Finally, thanks to all the team members on this trip! Wonderful skiing, great progress and priceless memories.

Let's do it again!

Best regards, 


Thanks for letting me use the photo, Rich!

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