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We take safety and fun very seriously in our BASS kids courses. With over 25 years experience improving kids skills with fun and innovative teaching. All of our enthusiastic and friendly instructors at BASS are native English speaking. They are experts at bringing the best out of children, by making learning safe and fun. Having an instructor who understands them and class mates they can make friends with, ensures kids want to return day after day to keep on improving. Each colour zone below relates to the colour of slopes the children are most confident skiing on. 8 children per class.*

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Level 1. Beginners From 7 yrs

This level is for children who have not skied before. It is crucial that children have a positive experience to introduce them to the sport of skiing. Their future confidence and enjoyment of the sport will depend on the basic skills they are given at this stage.

5 x 2 hrs @ £325 Max 4 per class


Mini Beginners Under 7 yrs

For the above reason we are only offering 1 to 1 tuition for beginners under the age of 7 years.

Cost £84 per hour.


Level 2. Intermediates. 

Safety is always our primary concern, but even more so when taking small children onto the open slopes of the mountain. This class is designed for (7 yrs+) who can ski a green run, but are not yet ready to join the Jr Blue group. Subject to availability.

5 x 2 hrs £325 Max4 per class. Find your level




Junior Blue, Level 3 & 4

Ideal for children from 7 years and up with 1 to 3 weeks of skiing experience. As parents, you will know all kids are different, so their instructor will need to get to know them before they plan the week to meet their learning needs. Usually kids at this level work on learning parallel turns, rounding the shape of their turns, improving their balance and learning to cope with different types of terrain. Lots of fun and confidence building.

5 x 3 hrs £345. Find your level




Junior Red, Level 5 & 6

This is for kids that want to get around the mountain. 8 years and up and can handle a red run in good conditions. What they need at this stage is to be adaptable with the shape of their turns to match the slopes they are trying to conquer. They will improve their skill with the skis, by learning to carve or skid, depending on what is needed. Red groups improve their technique on the move with lots of fun activities.

5 x 3 hrs £345. Find your level






All Mountain, Level 7 & 8

This is not a course for the faint of heart. Confident kids and teenagers who can ski a black and want to do it better. Bumps, jumps, steeps, race, speed and off piste, what more can we say. A very experienced instructor will make a lesson feel like an adventure. We will give them the skills to do the job and they get to have a go at everything.

5 x 3 hrs £345. Find your level


We check the ability of all the children. High visibility fluorescent vests and safety cards. All instructors carry, first aid kits and safety kits. Helmets are compulsory. Often an assistant with the group.


Child friendly and motivated instructors. Interesting activities that accelerate learning. Making new friends. Improving skiing on slopes they like. No pressure, just encouragement.


Kids learn in different ways to adults. They are ‘watchers’ and ‘doers’ Our instructors will design lessons that meet the learning needs of the kids. Instructors often use terrain, different turns and lots of activity to make improvements. Children will improve without knowing they are learning. Games and achievable tasks, add the fun to structured sessions.

Out side of school holidays

We still provide children's ski classes outs side of the normal holidays. We run these classes for 5 x 2 hours. If more than 3 children book onto any one level, we will extend the course to 5 x 3 hours.

Class size

*Because children are not an exact science and often change from year to year we always check which level they are on the first day and may need to move them to the correct level. For this reason we would like to point out that some classes may be over the maximum size of 8 per class and others my be under this number. We stress that happy children in the correct level of class is much more important than small fluctuations. We always do our best not to exceed the maximum and usually leave 1 or 2 free spaces as wiggle room.


Format : 5 days
x 3 hours
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