Many skiers and snowboarders stop taking lessons at a very early stage in their development.
 There are many reasons for this, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the best sports people in the world benefit from continuous coaching. We promise you that we can and will take you straight to the joy of these great snow sports. 
You will have much more fun from your sport. Your holiday will become the highlight of your year. 


You will learn exactly what to do, why, where and when. 

You will have a clear insight. It will be simple and fun. Prepare to experience the joy of replacing many of your self-limiting beliefs with a new understanding of your potential. 


You will feel exactly how to make it all work. You will know how to make your performance feel intuitive and natural. You will enjoy the feeling of the curves and of the movements. You will save energy. You will feel when you are getting it right and know how to recreate that feeling. 


You will feel the elation! 
And when you do, you will know how to move over the snow with skill and freedom, with power and joy. Your curves will feel so good that they will make you laugh. Instead of being fatigued, you will feel energised by the power of the curve.
 This is the feeling that keeps us all coming back to these great sports.
You will find it here, with BASS.

We have learned a great deal from our tens of thousands of clients and our sincere thanks go out to them.