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One of the most effective ways to improve your performance and to prevent injury is to prepare your body for our great sport.

The link below allows you to download a PDF, which is a chapter on physical conditioning for skiers, from my book "Ski Performance Breakthrough." I converted five sections of the original book to the e-book series of the same name, but I didn't do that with the physical conditioning chapter. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

Fortunately, a lot of the physical activities that produce the training we need are fun in their own right.  So all we need is a commitment to be active, to engage in physical activities all year round, paying attention to the following athletic qualities:

  •  aerobic fitness
  •  flexibility, coordination and agility
  •  balance
  •  strength and power

The  PDF chapter below highlights effective ways to have fun while you develop these  qualities.  Just download and enjoy…

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I hope you enjoy them.

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