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The old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, just doesn’t add up.

Scientists have proven that not only are mature brains are able to learn and grow but that with the change in brain chemistry that learning creates, learning speed increases with practise, and we could even stave off dementia as a result.

BASS Morzine & Les Gets has long held the belief that learning something new challenges us to become better learners as well as better teachers. Our teachers have been learning new things in many areas in both snow related and non-snow related subjects like sailing, netball, electrician courses, scuba diving, barefoot waterskiing. You name it, we’ve been out there giving it a go.

Put ‘learning something new with BASS’ on your ‘TO DO’ list for this winter.

Why not encourage your non-skiing friends come and enjoy the fun too? There is no such thing as a non-skier, just someone who hasn’t learned to ski yet!

We enjoyed reading this blog from Natalie Sisson, which talks about the many benefits of learning something new.

For more information email morzine@britishskischool.com or use our quick enquiry link.

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