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Sometimes, we pick up an injury, despite our best intentions.

Returning from injury is a process that involves several stages. Some skiers have asked me to post some information on the subject. The result is a series of four articles.

While the other articles in this series contain more specific, detailed information, this article shows an overview of the stages involved in returning to skiing after injury. You'll make the best progress possible if you work with professionals through each of these stages.

  • Medical treatment 
  • Healing 
  • The progressive stages of rehabilitation 
  • Training to regain physical function under load
  • Training to regain fitness
  • Re-induction to skiing performance, which is as much psychological and tactical as it is technical. I'd recommend some gentle private lessons to help you with that.

If you are going through this process yourself, I hope your journey back goes smoothly.

Other articles on this subject include:

I hope you find them useful.

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