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The science of skiing and the art of performance

Ski Performance Breakthrough clinics and Heliski adventures


 Excellent performance blends highly accurate content with the human qualities of

 belief and freedom,

 creativity and joy,

 focus and determination.


These clinics use a blend of

rigorous science,

extensive practical experience

an appreciation of the inspired, elusive qualities of human performance.


They present the greatest secrets of ski performance

in clear, simple language

with respect for our individual needs

with an understanding of the ways that we learn complex activities.


They respect your existing performance

and use it as the springboard for the performance development

that will give you mastery in complex environments.


Our Heliski Adventures take you to some of the most magnificent skiing environments on the planet.


Ski Performance Breakthrough...

  • Performance clinics: a structured programme of 4 levels.

  • Heliski adventures: Europe, Iceland, Canada, & Chile.

The world is waiting for us!