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Inspired by the skier cross and big air comps at the Olympics!? You won't get any points for style in the upcoming Red Bull Tout Schuss competition in Les Deux Alpes, you just have to go very, very fast to win!! It's taking place on the 31st of March and registration is open now.

Watch the trailer here...

However if you'd like to add some stye to your skiing we can help with that!! We have a number of short intensive clinics designed to move your skiing to the next level.  Les Deux Alpes is a high snow-sure resort with a fantastic glacier, so there's still plenty of time in March and April to get some expert coaching.

BASS  teachers are skilful, experienced and sympathetic. They are among the most highly qualified ski instructors in the world. Our sessions are delivered in the English language - your mother tongue is important, if you are to make the best progress and understand all of the subtleties. Progress with us can be astonishigly fast; the team in the picture here are Pieter, Elena, Sarah and Clare. They all joined our Beginner Clinic 4 days ago on Sunday. Today is Wednesday and they just skied a 1100m metre vertical descent from the top of the glacier down - not bad for Day 4 on skiis!!

Tell us about your level and aspirations here and we'll get back to you with options for your holiday dates in March.


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