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Hire or rent your own skis?

Ski hire has evolved to the point where you can hire top line skis from most outlets but there is nothing like stepping onto your own pair of trusted skis. You know how they feel and you’ve chosen them to match your level and your style of skiing.

The Ski Club of Great Britain have created this useful guide so you can work out the most economical way of getting your trusty steeds to the Alps.

Swiss Air is the only company to carry skis free of charge, as long as you stay under their generous 23kg luggage allowance, a saving of £90 on the non pre-booked service from Ryanair.

The Swiss Air route from City Airport to Geneva is a great alternative to the larger airports for London dwellers.

With a travel time from Geneva of 60 minutes to Les Gets and 75 minutes to Morzine, there’s no better destination for a cheeky weekend on the slopes.

Send us a quick enquiry to find out how skiing with BASS will help you get the most out of your equipment.

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