Here is an overview of the carefully considered approach that BASS provides for you: 

BASS Teachers 

BASS teachers are skilful, experienced and sympathetic. We like to help people solve their problems and discover how to have fun, and we know how to make this happen.

English language 

All of our sessions are delivered in the English language. Your mother tongue is a must, if you are to make the best progress and understand the subtleties of these great sports.


We only go where you feel safe and comfortable. We are interested in your enjoyment.


During your BASS lessons you will know exactly what to do, how it feels & how to self correct. Our Directors are at the leading edge of our profession, so our organization offers the very best professional advice.


During your BASS lessons, we help you to understand which steering techniques to use, where and why; how to control speed and how to deal with steeper ground and harder snow.

Psychological issues 

We help you to improve your effectiveness and resilience by learning how to stay in control of your mind and your body. As used by champions and professionals!

Small groups 

We have small group sizes, even in peak season, so there is a lot of personal attention and care.

Private lessons 

BASS private lessons offer even more personalised sessions, ensuring your maximum progress.


A caring, humourous approach makes the lesson a pleasure for everyone involved. The effectiveness of the sessions are dramatically increased by this important aspect of communication.

The BASS Network has been created and developed with your success in mind.

We have learned a great deal from our tens of thousands of clients and our sincere thanks go out to them.