Pole Plant Ski Poles

Want something different?  Bamboo ski poles are back :-)

Our bamboo poles are at least 2x stronger than traditional aluminium poles under constant load, and even better when it comes to quick impacts due to their natural flex: they bend.​

Our ski poles are individually made by hand from natural bamboo canes, making each piece one of a kind. Classic and stylish. They can also be customised with different types and colour handles and baskets, and engraving your name, favourite phrase or personal motto.​


BASS Megeve - St Gervais - Les Contamines

Piste Improver Ski Weeks

BASS Chamonix Piste Improver Weeks

Piste Improver and Piste Master Week Courses in the Chamonix Valley.

Join us this year for some special weeks imporoving your piste skiing.

We have 2 levels specifically designed to help you get the most from you holiday:

Piste Improver

Piste skiers who have taken time to develop onto most runs but have not yet mastered the control on varying degrees of slopes and textures of snow.  Confidence still needs to be built through practicing a range of tactical skills so that any groomed slope is achievable at the speed that suits you.

Piste Master

BASS Chamonix

What ski level am I?


How do I know what level I am?  This a question we get asked by many clients wishing to book ski lessons.


It is probably one of the most important questions to know the answer to as it helps you book into the correct Group Class or gives your Private Lesson instructor the knowledge to help plan and structure your lesson and choose the most suitable terrain for you so that you can achieve your goals safely and successfully.

BASS Chamonix

Mindfulness Skiing - Mindfulness Learning


How it’s come about

BASS Morzine is committed to developing new and innovative methods of helping skiers improve and enjoy the skiing mountain environment. They have teamed up with John Arnold to launch an approach to skiing and learning which is based upon the principles of mindfulness. Having John on the Team of instructors and coaches at BASS Morzine means that Mindful Skiing – Mindful Learning sessions can be offered through Private and Group coaching sessions.

BASS Morzine

Chamonix Opening this weekend!

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Les Grands Montets, Chamonix - Partial opening from 19th November 2016

For the first time since 1999 the Valley are able to open partially for weekends.  The Grands Montets ski area will have 4 uplifts open from 8.40am - 4.30pm this weekend 19th & 20th November.

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BASS Chamonix

Best Skiing Ever!

We asked a few of you, what were the top three things that make the best skiing holiday? Here’s the verdict:

  • Your Availability – Of course we're going to put that first ;)
  1. More Confidence in my skiing
  2. Good Choice of Skiing for everyone / Keeping everyone happy.
  3. Snow Conditions

Ok so we really can help with every single one of those things – I know you’re probably thinking how are we going to help ‘snow conditions’, well I'll get to that.

BASS Megeve - St Gervais - Les Contamines

A little you and us time

Come and find out what makes our teaching so world class.
Treat yourself this winter by joining one of our adult group courses – a course all about you!
Our top priority is your enjoyment and success. We have inspirational, skillful, sympathetic teachers that will help your time on skis becomes the highlight of your trip.

BASS Morzine